Typically on charter flights, passengers have the option of renting an entire aircraft as opposed to just a seat on commercial flights. The flights on charter planes are the same as commercial flights, offering round trips or one way. A difference is that charter flight typically offer more flexibility, private air charter flights canada not required to stick to strict plane schedules.

Usually charter companies are either public or private. Private charters may be owned by an individual or group of people while public companies allow tour companies to rent the aircraft and sell seats to the public. It’s a myth that you have to very rich and fly to exotic locations to rent a charter aircraft. Now passengers can buy one seat on a charter plane, similar to buying tickets for a commercial flight.


Commercial planes fly on strict schedules and often experience delays. Charter flights have the flexibility to leave at different times. Charter companies do fly on a schedule with flights going to popular destinations. Tickets purchased through a travel company allow for the group to leave at a time that’s best for them.

The type of charter plane varies from luxury to basic services only. Since charter planes are smaller than commercial ones, there may be limited services offered. Passengers may receive less meals or lower baggage requirements. However, there are several advantages to choosing a charter flight.

In addition to schedule flexibility, charter flights are much smaller than commercial flights. A crowded commercial flight with long hours proves to be uncomfortable for the passenger. Many distractions, difficulty sleeping, and limited leg room make such flights difficult. Recent events have made airport trips a hassle. Customers often have to stand in long lines for security, baggage claims, and more. Unexpected delays make it hard to stick to itineraries.

Charter flights offer privacy to customers. A larger commercial flight can carry over 500 passengers. Charter flights can have as few as 3 or 4 or as many as 50 passengers, still much less than a commercial flight. Corporate professionals favor charter flights because, depending on the plane, they can request items like champagne or even video projectors to conduct meetings online. Unlike commercial flights, travelers can bring all of their luggage onboard with them.

While charter flights attract the rich, anyone can buy a ticket on a charter flight. As was mentioned, tour companies sell tickets to the public. Charter planes can fly anywhere commercial flights can. Passengers can get a charter flight ticket for around the same price as a business class ticket.

One way for passengers to get onboard is to take what companies call “deadhead” flights. Once charter flights drop off their main passengers, they fly back empty to the next location to back to the base. Companies sometimes sell tickets on these flights at low prices.

When booking a commercial flight, customers can save money by booking flights at less common hours. The same goes for charter flights. Also, charter flights are known to sell extra seats at cheaper prices. Passengers also save money by being flexible with travel dates. With a little creative shopping, anyone can travel with luxury.