plumber torontoThe plumber Toronto residents entrust their home piping systems gets to see the most common problems with drains and sewers.  They not only see them, they ultimately have to fix them.  But knowing these frequent problems with drain and sewer pipes is not important only to the plumber Toronto home owners also need to be better informed.

Here are a few of the most common problems Toronto plumbers encounter in drain and sewer pipes:

Root intrusions:  Tree roots are quite efficient at finding sources of water.  Sometimes the nearest source of water happens to be a drain pipe buried underground.  When roots intrude into drain pipes, they can grow to such an extent that they completely block the pipe.  To make matters worse, as plumbers will attest, once a pipe is breached all other forms of debris can find their way in.

Cracked pipes:  Pipes can crack from a number of external factors, such as pressure from vehicles passing or worse parking over them.  Vibration will pull dirt onto these cracks which eventually causes them to clog. A plumber in Toronto is readily available to clean this out.

Sagged or settled pipes:  Pipes that sag from faulty installation or due to ground conditions allow water to accumulate in the low areas.  In time the dirt that comes from water build up on the shallow pipe sections.  Experienced plumbers will tell you that aside from causing clogs, accumulated dirt can cause the pipe section to fail.

Collapsed sections of drain or sewer pipes:  Time causes all materials to fail, though some materials are less sturdy than others.  Collapsed pipe sections cause complete blockages which needs the immediate attention of a Toronto plumber.

Experienced plumbers will only see these problems if you ask them to inspect.  When they come they usually bring specialized drain equipment inspection cameras to find out where the problems may lie.  Once the problems have been identified then plumbers can give the homeowners a choice of corrective measures to fix them.  The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry can help you find good plumbers.

For collapsed pipe sections, there is no alternative to pipe replacement; if the pipes are already old, it may be prudent to have them all replaced instead of just the collapsed section.  That way the repair lasts longer.  Experienced plumbers may also suggest the use of newer types of material which are sturdier than the damaged pipes.

Sagged or settled pipes normally require pipe replacements as well.  This is to ensure that the repaired pipe sections are laid at the correct slope; otherwise flow may be adversely affected.  The ground where the pipe is laid should also be properly compacted so pipe sections do not settle down again.

There are more repair options if pipes are only cracked or suffer tree root intrusions.  Any blockage must first be removed, so plumbers are likely to use motor-driven rooters to get rid of tree roots.  After that the homeowner may choose to have damaged pipe sections removed or repaired using non-invasive cured in place epoxy liners.

Armed with this knowledge you can be sure to find a solution to your drain or sewer piping problems to fit both your requirements and budget.